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Appliance Cleaning

How often do I need to clean around my brace?

It is recommended that you brush your teeth and appliance after every meal – but, always twice a day.

Do I need to use special orthodontic brushes to clean my teeth now?

Not necessarily, some appliances can be cleaned adequately with a standard toothbrush.

Why have I been recommended to use an orthodontic brush?

Orthodontic brushes are specifically designed with longer filaments and a smaller brush head to make cleaning brackets and wires easier.

Do I need to use interdental brushes as well?

Your DCP will advise you on what orthodontic aids are appropriate for you. But Interdental brushes are extremely effective and a handy tool to remove plaque and good debris after meals.

Do I also have to use a single tufted toothbrush?

For some sites, particularly at the start of orthodontic treatment, single tufted brushes are the only effective way of plaque removal – standard brushes do not fit.

Can I eat the same foods that I have always eaten?

Decay around the brackets can occur if your diet includes frequent sugary foods. So keep sugary drinks and foods to mealtimes.

It may be uncomfortable to eat hard foods during the first few days after and appliance is fitted or tightened; you will find soft foods much more manageable.

Sticky foods will also be more difficult to remove from your appliance, and you may need to cut more fibrous foods up into manageable pieces.

Rinsing with water and using interdental brushes around the appliance after eating are simple but effective measures for keeping the appliance and teeth clean.

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