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Implant Cleaning

How often do I need to clean my implant?

You should treat your implants like natural teeth, brushing them twice daily, and cleaning all accessible surfaces.

Do I need special tools to clean my implants?

A standard manual or powered brush can be used, adapting the angle of the cleaning head around the tooth and gum surfaces in the usual way. Inter dental cleaning is also recommended, using inter dental brushes and floss.

I have a removable appliance – how do I clean the metal bar and studs?

Single tufted brushes are ideal for cleaning around the metal studs using a circular technique, angled at the base of the stud towards the gum line. A narrow small headed brush is ideal for cleaning on and under the bar. It is important to remove the plaque and debris from the appliance and the gum under the bar.

How do I clean the gap under my fixed appliance?

Super floss or inter dental brushes can be used to clean the space underneath a fixed appliance. Your DCP will help you choose the correct tool and method for you.

How can I clean under and around my bridge?

A special type of floss designed with a slightly rigid end to help you insert it can be used to clean the space between the bridge and the gum. Once inserted the slightly thicker and spongy area of the floss provides an efficient cleaning surface for both the bridge and the gum.

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