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Periapical Abscess

What is a periapical abscess?

A periapical abscess is an infection around the end (or apex) of a tooth root.

Why does a periapical abscess form?

This abscess forms when the nerve (or pulp) of the tooth dies.

Can it be treated?

This type of abscess is treated using a process known as root canal treatment.

What does it involve?

The aim of the treatment is to remove infection from the nerve canals inside the root of the tooth. The canals are then sealed to prevent re infection.

What will my tooth look like after treatment?

The tooth may darken a little over time.

What if it happens again?

This is unlikely but root canal treatment can be carried out again.

Is it expensive?

Root canal treatment is a time consuming procedure, especially on the bigger back teeth called molars, which have a larger multi root system. You will need to discuss the cost with your dentist.

What if I don’t have the treatment?

Sooner or later without treatment the tooth will probably have to be extracted.

Where can this treatment be carried out?

Your family dentist will normally provide this treatment. Occasionally a specialist called an Endodontist will carry out the treatment.

What about aftercare?

t is usually recommended that root filled BACK teeth are crowned to prevent the tooth from splitting. This will add to the cost of saving the tooth.

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