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A new revolutionised technique in modern dentistry which will give you a new option in restoring your teeth when there is a need, especially when the treatment must be done in one day.

It is also widely used in purely aesthetic treatments, as you may have seen on TV programs such as extreme make over, 10 years younger etc.

A most advanced computer program, which is continuously being developed and improved by a team of international software engineers, is used to design and manufacture the restoration in front of your eyes in a matter of a few minutes. It uses a special ceramic material which has the same characteristics as our teeth (bio-compatible) to produce the restoration. It protects and preserves your own tooth’s structural integrity. The colour and appearance makes it blend in with your teeth. The precise fit (measured in microns) eliminates any risks for leakage and possible sensitivity after fit. At the same time, the precision in fit provides maximum protection to the remaining parts of the tooth to achieve the most durable and long lasting result. Unlike composite fillings (white fillings) they do not discolour or wear off after a few years.

Step by step;

1. The defective filling/decay is removed,

(or in aesthetic cases, the metal filling/crown is removed)

2. An optical 3D image is acquired,

3. Your dentist designs the restoration (veneer, crown etc) to a perfect fit and shape.

4. A diamond coated instrument will mill the ceramic restoration,

5. The restoration will be glazed to the desired shade,

6. The restoration will then be bonded to your tooth,

This means:

Only one appointment for the whole treatment, No laboratory involved which means

1. No impressions needed,

2. No second visit and second injection,

3. No waiting time for laboratory to manufacture the restoration which usually takes 2 weeks and at the end it may not fit! Or the colour may turn up wrong and if it fits and the colour is right, the precision in fit is not as good as the computer manufactured restoration.

4. No need for poor fitting temporary restorations, sensitivity while waiting, and poor appearance of them.

5. As there are no laboratory bills for us we can reduce the charges to an affordable price for patients.