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Dental Implants are the gold standard in replacing missing teeth and often patients refer to them as life changing treatment.

They act as “foundation” or “roots” of teeth to support a single or several false teeth.

Having visible gaps as a result of missing teeth is no longer acceptable in today’s society.

Having a natural replacement without the worry that they may fall out when you speak, eat and socialize will restore your self confidence as much as it restores the gaps.

Patients feed back after having dental implants are more about the positive impact on their self confidence (than the comfort) and the fact that they smile more, radiating positive energy, affecting people close to them as well. That’s why they refer to it as a life changing treatment.

Traditionally dentists replaced missing teeth using dentures and bridges.

Dentures are removable teeth (granny’s teeth). Like any other removable prosthetic replacement, the patient has to learn how to use the prosthesis in a similar way if someone looses an arm or a leg and gets a prosthetic replacement.

It’s a challenging task to learn to live with it. The uncertainty of whether the denture will move or drop causing embarrassment can affect ones life in more than one way.

The other obvious advantage is the comfort of having your “own” teeth back, instead of using false teeth, which will make you forget that you had even lost your natural teeth.

Functionally, you can use your new teeth in the same way you used to use your own teeth.

The other option of replacing missing teeth is making bridges.

To provide a bridge, there is a need to drill down other teeth so that the bridge can sit on them. This drilling can damage those teeth and result in loss of further teeth.

For further advice please see information leaflet about implants on this site or contact the surgery to arrange a consultation appointment.